Photo of sunset at Crystal Cove, California


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After more than decade of shooting everything from sports to weddings and portraits to landscapes, we've learned that what we most enjoy is capturing moments. The moment the bat hits the ball, the moment the bride tosses the bouquet, the moment the sun catches the clouds as it sets -- each requires a dedication to quick thinking and creative framing to truly showcase these precious seconds.

We feel lucky every time we're chosen to be a part of something special, and when you hire us, everything you need is included: You'll get two photographers working as a team to create beautiful, high-resolution photographs that you'll receive in their original, untouched form, in addition to a subset of professionally retouched images. You'll have the rights to make as many prints of these images as you like, anywhere you like. So email Steven to request a free quote, and rest assured that there will be no hidden surprises beyond the bottom-line price you receive.

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